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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

     Hello friends, neighbors and loved ones, and a special hello to my lovely Dean Anrol, who has just given me my final exam. Can't say I was too nervous but could have done without all the SL crashes, luckly none happened during the actual exam, only ten minutes before...par for the course, don't you think?
     So there I was, pondering what was to be swimsuit. But who wants to walk around all day wearing a bikini, hell I don't mind really, but other people tend to be less understanding showing up at a medieval sim showing all that casual it was...and by sheer luck, thats what we started with (even tho the instructions started with the casual too, i always thought bikini was first for some reason).
     And now, let the show begin! Everything was straight forward, well rehersed of course, and Anrols commands were fully understandable. We went through the styling, and bounced over to the dome, ran through every formation great but for a few ever so slightly sl tiny hickups that caused me to over step a couple dots just a hair. Performed effortlessly to the techinical wizardry of the huddles and wardrobe changes. So I was thinking, "There's the light at the end of the tunnel, right over there at the end of that beach runway, almost there".
     We go through the easy beach formation and when done, standing backstage by myself, I was thinking, "she really hasn't said that much to me... but to tell me where to start, and to go when i really that good...or is that light at the end of the tunnel an Oncomming Train!"
     After a long pause, she calls me back out and says to take a picture of myself. Well, of course I happily ablige, I take pictures of myself all the time....or was this something more sinister...should i be holding up a newspaper with todays date on it...?
     So here it is, the picture of me...without the newspaper :P  or hardly anything else for that matter.
     Next Anrol instructs me to character test, now anyone who has had any serious time in SL knows how to character test, sometimes going back to the begining is the only way to move forward. So there I was, a noobie again, and she wants another picture, well here it is:
     And thats it, thats all there was to it, no oncomming train, no yelling and screaming, was actually quite pleasent....I may be throwing up blood for the next week from nerves but...nahh, just kidding, had fun all around. So this blog is to finish up my final grade, the tip of the iceburg, so to speak. I hope I passed, and I hope not to start hearing a whistle blowing from that tunnel...I will let you know on the next blog. Til then, as always,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ms International Pagent 10-23-11

     The Glamour, The Glitz, wowwww, what a spectactular event this was. From the halairous to even sheding a tear at the touching historic stories. This pagent had it all. Lets start with the contestents:
     5th Place finalist, Ms France, Ms Sidney Abbot, who actually came out as a German tank at the start of her creative talent presentation to eventually become her character, Coco Channel for the theme of World War II. Very impressive as this won her the Ms International Creative Talent Award. Way the bring it Sidney. Ms Sidney Abbot grabbed the 4th Runner up award in the Ms International Pagent and won $5,000L!!!
     Next is 4th Place finalist, Ms Peru, Ms Kiralyn Destiny, with her many colorful designs and dances. She splashed the stage with such vivid eye candy you just couldn't look away, even her head piece was on fire! Now thats what i call "the WOW factor". Ms Kiralyn Destiny was awarded 2nd Runner up in this Ms International Pagent and recieved $25,000L!!!

     Bringing up the middle is 3rd Place finalist, Ms Spain, Ms Diana Balhaus. Her stunning statuesque figure and historically accurate propper attire in all catagories, i'm sure, helped her to win the Ms International Photogenic Award, even her dance to the old song "boogie woogie bugle boy" was spot on. Ms Diana Balhaus was named 3rd Runner up in Ms International Pagent and won $10,000L!!!

     Next is our 2nd Place finalist, Ms Mexico, Ms Sunrae Suntzu, who was the most haliarious contestent by far. Her rendition of what "Rosie the Riviter" would look like today...(you remember, the lady in the posters during WW II about needing women in the work force dressed in blue overalls and bandana). As a not so bitter but more wiser old lady, completely had me in stitches. Ms Sunrae Suntzu was awarded 1st Runner up in this Ms International Pagent and won $50,000L!!!
     And finally, our 1st Place finalist, Ms USA, Ms Nickle Sparrowtree, always glamorous, always well prepared, this girl is always the one to watch. Her rendition of an old dead soilder desending  from heaven to tell his story of two old war vetren prisoners that were enimies at first was a real tear jerker, heart felt and ran deep for this author. So without further ado, I give you the crowned winner and recieptiant of the Grand Prize of $100,000L, Ms International 2011, Ms Nickle Sparrowtree !!! -APPLAUSE!!!
Congrats to all the lovely contestants, they are all winners in my book  :)

I would also like to extend Thanks to all the judges, Peach Jarvin, xmyaxx Kaliopov and Nana Piaggio, whose job was a hard one i'm sure, the fantastic announcer Skeye, all of our wonderful Trainers who actually did a couple excellent dance performances for us...YEAAAAHHH!!! Laylah Lecker, DebbieDoo Tigerfish, Tiffani Celestalis, Nina Brianna, Vicky Yoshikawa and Lisana Rossen. Last but certinly not least, a special thank you to Anrol & Steve for without them, there would be no CWS and this wonderful family, Fun time was had by all, Thank You!  -Kat

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CWS Green Styling Show 10-17-11

     Ahhh, what a wonderful magical nite this was, even a few first timers were nervously awaiting their first shows walk. Everyone wearing green making some green with envy, there were faries and nature abound. It was big turnout for sure and fun had by all, even a few giggles at Nickles expense, and someone had to bring up food...(touchy subject for us starving models :P).

     Everything went smoothly and wonderfully, except for a few little laggy moments when one girl ended in someones lap i think (giggles). The girls were dressed amazing so it was a tough choice for the judges, and they chose well...with Sidney Abbot taking 1st Place, Kaitlyn5221 taking 2nd Place, and the ever glamourous Nickle Sparrowhawk grabbing 3rd Place. Congratulations girls, you deserve it! And a special WELL DONE goes out to all of the contestents there: Aphrodite Serin, Ladysunfire Erin, Lilmama, Lilly Snape, Novaj Texan, Poppy2 and Lyly3. You girls were great!!!

Also I would like to thank our announcer Laylah Lecker, our judge Tiffany Celestalis and a special thanks to Anrol and Steve, for without them, none of this would be possible. You have open up so many possibilities for so many...THANK YOU!

Always remember, ENJOY! 
                                         Sincerely, Kat